Our Team

Our Team consists of 30 game-enthusiastic colleagues, who are not only providing you with food and drinks, but also with counsel and explanations regarding games (and other problems).


The Boss. She established Würfel & Zucker and coordinates everything with body and soul. Runs on energy drinks and hates (almost every) cake.

Contact: silke@wuerfelundzucker.de



Our Explain Train and Cologne Import. Can explain (almost) anything from Dobble to On Mars. Juggles everything that isn’t nailed down to the ground and rocks the dancefloor medieval-style!


Our newest addition is your woman behind the scenes, feeding our Social Media presence and manages everything behind the curtains! 

Contact: konni@wuerfelundzucker.de


Our baking fairy from heaven. She is providing all those fancy cake creations and keeps coming up with new ideas. Also has a voice made of gold!


Our secret weapon for everything regarding graphics, illustrations and all the cute faces that are right now looking at you. When she's not working for us, she's illustrating boardgames. In real life, she’s a squirrel.


Queen of pizza and panini! Knows her way around the kitchen and probably prepared your meal when you like it especially well this day. At home, however, her cats rule.


The heart and soul of Würfel & Zucker and capable of doing, quite literally, anything. Also creating games on her own and the world’s certified best hugger.


Our in-house criminologist. No one is faster or more quick-witted while drawing you a beer. Has a serious weakness for white wine and dogs, especially the ones coming to our café.


Our little Explainosaurus and darling of the public. In case he isn’t preparing perfect Cappuccini and bewitching our guests, he usually has a skipping rope in his hands.


The only person keeping up with Emily in the kitchen. Our northern light is always right there when needed. Every free minute is wisely spent in her home at the coast.


Our most recent team member and a natural regarding… really anything. When you can’t find him in the café, you will probably find him on the theatre stage.


Part of the team since Day 1 and unmatched when it comes to pizzas in the kitchen and complex strategy games on the table. Tell-us-tiger!