How it works

1. Find your Seat

Best case scenario, you make a reservation beforehand, then come find us at the bar and we’ll show you your seats.

Currently only visits with reservations can take place.

2. Choose a Game

You can basically choose any game you want to play. Our team can also consult you if needed or you can ask for our game menu. After you have chosen a game you take it to your seats.

We currently have a quarantine table. Games that are in quarantine can not be taken out off quarantine. That’s the idea of a quarantine.

3. Order

Of course you can order before or after you have decided on a game. Just take a look at our menu. Our food is always prepared on the spot, so it can take some time and you might want to order before you sit down to play. If you have special requests, simply let us know.

4. Play

Let’s get started! You (and sometimes our capacities) decide whether you read the instructions yourself or if our team can explain them to you. Enjoy!

5. Pay

You pay in the end. The prices are as follows:

  • 6 Euro per person
  • 5 Euro per person if you're at least 6 people per group
  • 5 Euro for children under 14

If the bill exceeds 10 Euro you can pay by card. There is no discount for students or trainees, but do ask for our discount cards or our month and year cards.


And feel free to go crazy with our collection of interactive tip jars.